stay active, even when working from home

Working at Home Ergonomics

‘Ergonomic’ means designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment

Making some simple changes to your workspace can have huge benefits on your physical health. Make sure your chair supports your back, knees and hips by adjusting the height – your hips and knees should be at a 90 degree angle. Chairs with arm rests should support your elbows and forearms in their natural bent position and your computer screen should be level with your eyes and your desk should be well lit.

Working at Home Ergonomics
Take a break at home

Move more, sit less

Remaining stationary all day is sure to make you feel sluggish. If you don’t have the benefit of our standing desk, Progress Plus, then try setting a reminder on your phone to take conscious breaks during your day, getting you out of your chair to move around. Whether it’s to go make a drink, take a walking phone call or simply walk up and down the stairs a couple of times, leaving your desk at least once an hour for a minute or so will help you stretch, relax and refresh for the next batch of concentration.

Stretch at home

Move more at your desk

At times when you are at peak concentration, you may not realise that you have remained in a contracted position for hours at a time.

Ever read the exercises printed in the in-flight magazine on an aeroplane? Then you’ll know the exercise that could help loosen up your joints. Rotate your wrists and ankles, stretch your arms above your head and turn your head from left to right, up and down.

Take a moment, even when you are concentrating on a task.

Stretch at home

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