Office Furniture Design

Elite Office Furniture UK Ltd holds a prestigious CAD design team at the heart of the company's infrastructure.

Elite have a prestigious CAD design team creating their office furniture

With the expertise of industry design related personnel, we achieve a wealth of varied services from 2d office spacial planning to realistic 3d computer generated visuals. Each project is carefully analysed to achieve the very best layout and conformality to the given client's needs, which is always planned in accordance with today's health and safety laws and guidelines.

The design department also spearheads its very own marketing department, offering design related information of presentation projects in various media outputs to its account holders.

Design services are available at both the head office and London Office locations.

2D Space Planning Design
Whether space permits huge volumes of staffing or space being a key factor, Elite's space planning design service will offer successful and practical solutions.

3D Design Visuals
3D design is now a well established practice in office design, and 3D design visuals are the best method of illustrating office layout designs.