Our Commitment

to Protecting the World We Live In


We care about the environment and not only recognise, but appreciate that our operations may have an impact locally and ultimately, globally.


At Elite, we believe it is our obligation to consider all aspects of this impact throughout a products life cycle, from raw material selection through to sustainable production methods, as well as the reduction of waste and pollution in all manufacturing processes.


We address the latest environmental issues through our ISO14001 Environmental Management System, which is under continual review and assessment to ensure that it evolves to suit the ever-changing needs of the environment we live in.


Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our aim to achieve the best possible environmental ratings for our entire product range.

Trusted & Regulated Processes


In addition to our direct efforts, we are registered with regulatory bodies such as PEFC, FISP and ClubGreen, that endorse our processes and demonstrate we are taking our environmental and corporate social responsibility obligations seriously.


Forests are critical for sustainable development, providing a wealth of goods and services that are essential for a greener economy. Forest certification is crucial in providing evidence of sustainable forest management.


PEFC expands forest certification globally through its unique bottom-up approach to certification and is the certification system of choice for family and community-owned forests.


The UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) is the national forest certification standard for the UK.



In our industry, we aim to be a leader in responsible business. Our policies underpin Elite’s commitment and approach to responsibly managing our impacts on, and relationships with, our people, customers, communities and environment. They set out our values and behaviours that are required to make Elite Office Furniture a trusted, positive and successful business.